Our goal:


Our goal is to make sure that people do not anymore fall prey to scamster in the garb of payday loan lenders who give ready cash to unsuspecting people and then charge usurious rates of interest from them.

This has to stop:

The crime is abhorred and it must stop. But the onus is on us, as the seeker of such loans as also on the society that pushes a section of its people to the edge so that they are forced into borrowing loans at such absurdly high rates of interest.  These criminal minded lenders are a part of the organized gangs and want to benefit illegally by ruling the roost.

The borrower is a pawn in their hands:

It is obvious that at such alarming rates of interest, more than 60 percent of the borrowers of loans default. The mathematics is skewed. When the default happens, the lenders show no compassion but make merry because with every default that the borrower makes, the rate of interest keeps getting compounded. Finally, there comes a point when the principal loan amount is only one tenth of the value of the total payable amount and all this in a matter of three to six months. Can you believe the amount of fraud that such people are up to?

Using the internet as a verifying tool:

The biggest indication of a genuine payday lender is that he will follow the rate of interest that is statutorily laid down in his domicile. If the rate of interest is even marginally higher, you may smell a rat there!

You may contact us:


You may contact us via the phone numbers given below and we will help you in verifying whether the payday lender is safe or not.  Alternatively, you can also contact the Attorney General of your State. It is important for you to know that for a lender to be able to lend in your state he must be registered and licensed to carry on lending business. Be smart to be safe!